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a beauty so bold and free

living ever so quietly

in this emerald paradise

i have heard from many a lad

that the 'Irish Rose' is also known

as the goddess of Irish descent

who walks with a spring in her step

and is filled with song and dance

she is indeed a symbol of strength

and perseverance and is fiercely proud

of her heritage but there is

something that makes this regal

lady quite unique and that is

she is a rose without thorns

who touches all who are in

her presence with a bewitching

sense of awe and wonder

you become mesmerized

by her grace and elegance

are soon convinced that you could

entrust your soul to the mother of Ireland

her pale white skin and sea green eyes

add to the drama and the mystery

her long slender fingers dance

like a ballerina doing a pirouette

as she strokes the strings of her harp

like a maestro perfecting his art

the mother of Ireland

her beauty is so captivating

it leaves you weak in the knees

but inspires you nonetheless

to reach higher than you ever

dared to dream



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