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You know the feeling when it's always just around the edges
Overwhelming sense of pressure?
On the periphery
The weight is always threatening, you know it
Could collapse your vision
Always the desperate screaming bubbling below the surface
Can you even stay in control?
Just like that night you broke before the agonising flow of memories and drowned in the flood

You never wanted it
But your wants don't mean shit
The grimdown

The matted shit encrusted fur of the beasts
The monsters wrestling inside your brain
So scared they will break out and paralyse your helpless ass
How can you stand before this devil?
It's like an octopus that's made of tar, it's reaching out, there's suckers clinging wet to your face
And now the panic comes
You cannot speak, you cannot breathe
The grimdown's made you into it's slave

You never wanted it
But your wants don't mean shit
The grimdown

Can feel the contours of everything you look at
And each and everyone is painful
There is no chance for heroism, only trembling in panicked fear
No where to be safe
Desperate terror like a child crying in the dark for mother
But no answer will come
Kicking, screaming, begging, pleading
Stop snivelling, it's useless
The grimdown shows no mercy

You never wanted it
But your wants don't mean shit
The grimdown

The coldest feeling in the burning pit of your stomach
The onset has you locked in it's grasp
You're so pathetic, why can't you even admit it
Incapable of wiping your own arse
All along you've known you were your own worst enemy
You created the grimdown to fear
But not it's too late you are it's bitch
You cannot change the fact the grimdown is here



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